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From Instruction to Innovation...from college professor to entrepreneur.

I haven't always been an entrepreneur. Far from it! For decades, I worked as a professor at the University of Maryland and Johns
Hopkins University.

When I retired, I thought that was it—that I would leave my work behind and sit tight. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I invented the Tip ‘n
Split®—a handheld device that solved a great challenge facing people with declining vision. Tip ‘n Split® magnifies the text on menus and bills,
includes a light source, and completes calculations in one device!

Today, I'm in my second act… as an
inventor, a “grandmapreneur,” an author, and a
caregiver to two young grandchildren…living
proof that second-act entrepreneurs can
succeed, if only they focus on what matters
most to them.


My new project during the pandemic is "Write Your Selfie" (www.writeyourselfie.com)


As a speaker, I inspire other Baby Boomers to
to follow their dreams.

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Connie Inukai retired from teaching Technical Writing at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University for almost four decades. Today she is thriving, in her second act, as an inventor, a “grandmapreneur,” an author, a speaker, and a caregiver to two young grandchildren. She is living proof that the second-act entrepreneur can succeed, if only they focus on what matters most to them.

Reinventing Yourself in Retirement

Speaker shares experiences of becoming an inventor at age 68. An interactive session, encouraging participants to explore their own ideas and follow their dreams

after retirement.

Prior Engagements 

Midlife and Beyond

Rosemount College, Philadelphia PA

BOOM Conference

Silver Spring, MD

Second Act Entrepreneur

AARP & Maryland Women’s Business

Silver Spring, MD

AOWIE Conference

Princeton, NJ,

Victory Church

Germantown, MDPA


Thank you for your transparency and wisdom, Connie. We enjoyed having you!




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About the Buzz Paperback

 July 9, 2019 (available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon)
What if I told you that you can get massive publicity for your product—with no experience! Connie Inukai is a retired adjunct professor from the University of Maryland with zero prior knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship. She shares her journey and 8 Buzz Tips to help fellow entrepreneurs.

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